Task 1 they were on a ship in the night and they set sail quickly and saw the lighthouse. “no glimmer through the night!” “The news; and quickly we set sail” “And saw the lighthouse towering white”   But, as we near’d the lonely Isle Task 2 struck

I was playing on the game and there was a glitch, I went through the door and I was flying. You can pick up objects by right clicking.

setting: real life version of minecraft year 400 Ancient Greece Master Villager: Trains other villagers to fight The strength of a god Looks wise, serious and has a medium white beard He’s a hero because he saves villagers from Zombies and other monsters Boy: He’s an orphan He’s 4 years old he has blonde hair […]


A boy who name Roald Dahl talking about his father name Harvald Dahl he is a Nowegian who came from a small town near called sarpsborg. And he lost his arm. Simple  The pain must have been excruciating Compound He was so drunk that he mistook the fractured elbow for a dislocated shoulder Michael’s Autobiography […]

Hero: Randolph  Hostile,Leader of Spartans,Strong & big good refiexes,wear a red cape with spear,shield and sword. setting: Ancient Greece (Spartan times). Damsel – Ursula Fighing against the spartan,stong and calm beautiful – blonde hair big muscles, good reflexes sidekick – Randolph son of Randolph A young soldier one of the best spear thrower Elite soldiers […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway